Two Position holder


Slightly wider than the one position with a compact area for two operations.

Gives ability to ID bore and OD turn without reversing spindle.

Use a split point drill first then bore 2nd without need of a center drill.

Two Position 3/8'' Ctr,  5/8'' Bore     TBS-2354   $125.00

Two Position 1/2'' Ctr,  5/8'' Bore     TBS-2454   $125.00

Two Position 1/2'' Ctr,  3/4'' Bore     TBS-2464   $125.00

Two Position 3/4'' Ctr,  3/4'' Bore     TBS-2664   $125.00

Two Position 3/4'' Ctr,  1.0'' Bore     TBS-2684   $165.00


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